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digital strategy · content · engagement · measurement

Strategic content leads to conversions

the right content    in the right formats & channels    connecting with the right people

We help organizations communicate to increase exposure and sales through engaging and shareable multimedia content.

Our job is to get people interested in who you are, what you're doing, what you stand for and what you have to offer.

It's like having your own strategy team, ace reporters and top-notch production crew dedicated to unleashing your stories.
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Storytelling allows you to more easily deliver meaning, explain, persuade and connect in a way that people will hear, remember and respond to. It’s the good stories that go viral and create change.


experienced, professional marketing communications specialists...
Karie Dufour
Diretor of Copy

10 years crafting compelling copy for almost every medium and audience — spent 6 years teaching others to do the same. Karie is all about brand journalism...

Guy Paquette
Director of Digital Strategy

25 years in business, technology, and corporate media — specializing in online strategies and web content development. Guy is all about conversion marketing...

Christian Coulombe
Director of Audio/Visual Production

30 years as a photo-videographer — with a 5-year gig as a corporate news producer. He has covered events throughout the world. Chris is all about visual storytelling...

Our Services

digital strategy · content · engagement · measurement...
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  • engagement

Yes, we craft compelling and shareable content but before we do that, we learn about your present condition and what your marketing and communication objectives are. We then identify your Digital Demographic and develop the narrative the resonates with them; render it in the format that they prefer to consume in; and place it in the channels they engage with.

We develop and share your company's story without contrived messaging or marketing hyperbole. It's a more honest, transparent, and credible approach. It's also strategic. Whether it’s turning an unread white paper into a series of dynamic web articles, providing multimedia coverage of a product launch, video interviews, writing daily tweets—we’ll showcase your expertise and increase your value to audiences.

Sure, you can hire a marketing company and they will cut a video and write some stuff about you to post on your website or social channel. Or, work with us and see how we move content beyond the obvious. Watch how we engage in syndicating content and targeting your influencers and prospects in traditional and new media channels.

Projects & Clients

We've worked on a variety of projects including: Digital Strategy · Marketing & Communication Plans · Social Media Strategy · Monetization & Conversion Models · Web Development · Social Media Management · SEO · Organic, Promoted, endorsed & native Ad Content · Wikipedia · CEM-Compliant eMail Campaigns · PR · Media Relations · Articles · Video Production · photography · Infographics